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Siebke Hoyt Jeweler History -

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Siebke Hoyt was founded in 1889 by two experienced watchmakers George B. Ludy and Robert P. Taylor. Ludy and Taylor Jewelers, as it was originally known, was originally located at 225 First Avenue NE.

In 1914, Ludy and Taylor hired a young watchmaker, Gustav Siebke, to help them with their business. Gustav Siebke, a graduate of Bradley-Horological Institute, became a full partner in 1921, and the name of the business was changed to Siebke and Taylor Company.

Joseph Hoyt, another young watchmaker and jeweler, married Marilyn Siebke, Gus Siebke's daughter, on October 1, 1945 after returning from service in World War II. Joseph joined the company in 1946 and became a full partner in 1953.

The name of the firm was changed to Siebke Hoyt to reflect the actual ownership. Pearl Taylor, Robert Taylor's wife, had previously sold her share of the business to Joseph Hoyt. Gus Siebke passed away on December 24, 1973. The 83-year-old Siebke was chairman of the board of Siebke Hoyt at the time of the death. Joseph M. Hoyt continued to work at Siebke Hoyt, retiring in January 1975. He served as chairman of the board until his death on May 6, 1983.

The current president of Siebke Hoyt is Joseph "Jay" Hoyt. Jay joined the company during the Christmas season of 1974. His younger brother Thomas joined Siebke Hoyt in 1986. Thomas serves as Vice President of Siebke Hoyt Jewelers.

In late 2011, Joseph "Jay" Hoyt's son, Joseph Thomas Hoyt joined the company. After being schooled at GIA, he now helps his father and uncle with all the operations of the store.

Jay and Tom Hoyt continue to operate their store with the philosophy of quality merchandise at a fair price. Even after so many years in the business, Siebke Hoyt's sales figures have continued to increase dramatically over the past years. The success of Siebke Hoyt is no secret. The reasons are simple. Siebke Hoyt Jewelers combines quality and value with the finest trained sales staff in the Midwest.