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Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Gift Guide


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How to layer necklaces: 3 Easy Tips!

How to layer necklaces: 3 Easy Tips!

It's time to layer up! Not with sweaters and jackets, but with your jewelry. These warmer months call for layered looks and we have the perfect pieces! There is no better time to show off some skin and show off your personal style. The art of layering necklaces can be perfected, and we have some tips that will help you discover your very own look!
1.  Play around with lengths 
We recommend spacing out your chains so each piece can be seen. You want each necklace to stand out on its own. Start with a piece that falls close to the neck, and build your look from there. Pay attention to your neck line, and what lengths will work best. We love mixing in beaded necklaces for an extra pop!
Layered necklacesLayered necklaces
From top to bottom: 14k yellow gold disc necklace- $269, 14k yellow gold cable chain- $200, Anna Beck smoky pyrite pendant necklace- $365, Anna Beck labradorite beaded stacking necklace- $230
2. Add texture and dimension
This look is easiest if you stick with one metal color. Then, by adding varying chain styles and weights you can add dimension to the layers. Textures can infuse an extra element of interest. Look for pieces with a hammered finish, or hand set metal techniques like our designer Anna Beck uses. Lariat necklace styles are an easy add on to any look. Find a style that can be adjusted so it can be worn with many necklines. 
 Layered necklacesLayered necklaces
From top to bottom: Anna Beck teardrop charm collar necklace $260, 14k yellow gold paperclip chain- $525, 14k yellow gold lariat necklace- $485, Earrings: Anna Beck hammered labradorite double hoops- $300
3. Subtle diamonds
We love a layered diamond look that can easily be taken from day to night. Try a coordinating look like we did with all rose gold. The subtle pavé diamonds on each necklace make layering them easy. Don't be afraid to add a fun earring with the look. We love this rose gold dangle style from our new Shy Creation Boutique!
 Layered necklacesLayered necklaces
From top to bottom: 14k rose gold diamond station necklace $1475, 14k rose gold diamond moon pendant $1125, 14k rose gold pave bar pendant $1129, Earrings: Shy Creation 14k rose gold dangle with diamonds $800
Stop in and let one of our expert Stylist help you with your look today!
Ultimate Guide to Fancy Color Diamonds

Ultimate Guide to Fancy Color Diamonds

While white diamonds have long been the standard, fancy colored diamonds are growing in popularity for everything from engagement rings to earrings. Naturally appearing in nearly every color of the rainbow, fancy color diamonds offer rich, sophisticated colors to all types of jewelry. Fancy colored diamonds are enjoying their time in the spotlight— and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Diamonds in Every Color of the Rainbow

Colored diamonds come in every color you could imagine — yellow, blue, pink, champagne, chocolate, even black! Yellow diamonds are always popular from engagement rings to fine jewelry. Pink and champagne are feminine and subtle options, while exotic colors like chocolate and black are sure to get noticed for their unique beauty and flair!

A Perfect Pick in Any Color

Fancy-colored diamonds may be the hottest trend in jewelry design right now, but these colorful beauties are much more than just a fad. Colored gemstones have long been classic choices for the discerning jewelry lover, from emeralds to rubies and sapphires.  Fancy-colored diamonds combine these gorgeous tones with the classic appeal and high value of a true diamond.

Fancy-colored diamonds let the wearer express her unique fashion sense, as well as her love of the finer things. Classy and colorful— what could be a better combination?

Psychology Behind Color Diamonds

The impact of colors on psychology is an area of study that is closely linked to the impact of colors on human emotions. Colors are used effectively in everything from branding to controlling public behavior. The psychological power behind colors is fascinating. A colored gemstone has hidden meaning and also hidden influence on the psychology of the wearer and viewer alike.

Naturally colored diamonds, also known as Fancy Diamonds, come in every color of the rainbow and they are exceptionally rare. Blue, pink, red, purple and canary yellow are some of the most sought after colors in Fancy Diamonds. Fancy Diamonds also can come in black-gray, brown and even milky white. Before you buy your Fancy Diamond, here are some interesting facts about the psychology of the color as well as the formation of the stones.

Yellow Diamonds

Fancy yellow diamonds are created through the addition of nitrogen during the formation of the stone. Intensely yellow diamonds are the most common of the Fancy Diamonds but they are still extremely rare. Some of the best canary yellow diamonds come from mines here in this country, in Arkansas. Yellow is the color of happiness and wealth. Yellow reflects an intellectual individual. It is also associated with joy and power.

Blue Diamonds

The Hope Diamond is the most famous blue diamond on the planet. Pure, cool, magically rich and deep, the color blue is associated with purity and wealth. It is the color of intuition and peace. The presence of boron when the stone was forming, leads to stones that range from a light sky blue to a rich deep blue, the color of the ocean. Associated with water and the sky, blue is the color of sophistication and calm.

Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds are breathtaking in their beauty and they have been known to bring astronomical prices at auction. It isn’t exactly known how pink diamonds are formed but it is thought that at some point during its formation the diamond was exposed to intense pressure causing an alteration in the crystalline structure of the stone. Psychologically, pink is associated with femininity as well as fertility. Pink is a calming color and it is associated with caring and relaxation.

Purple Diamonds

Associated with royalty, purple diamonds command noble price tags. Purple is the color of fidelity, honor and courage and the wearer of a purple diamond is thought to have good luck and long life. Purple is also associated with the imagination.

Red Diamonds

Red diamonds are one of the rarest stones on the planet. These stones are so rare that not much is known about them or their formation. Like pink diamonds, it is

thought that pressure during formation changes the crystalline structure resulting in the rich red color of the diamond. Red is the color of passion and love. Fiery, vital and volatile, red is also associated with happiness and health.

Green Diamonds

Some of the most interesting diamonds, the color green is thought to result from the irradiation of the diamond while it was forming in the earth. The effect of the radiation causes the electrons in the crystalline structure to change slightly resulting in the color green. Psychologically, green is associated with growth and fertility, with balance,  renewal and rebirth.


Natural vs. Treated Colored Diamonds

Many colored diamonds occur naturally due to minerals that make up the diamond stone.  However, technological advances have made it possible to recreate the same gorgeous colors at prices that are within reach for every jewelry lover. Either way, colored diamonds are completely unique and individual items.


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Guide to Easy Everyday Jewelry

If you're a busy woman on the go, a lover of minimalist style, or a fashionista traveling from work to happy hour, everyday jewelry pieces are critical to your style. Basic pieces look fabulous on their own, work with bolder jewelry, and never go out of style.

Collect everyday earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings so dressing up your look is the most effortless part of your day. Here are some of our go-to everyday pieces we love at Siebke Hoyt:



A gorgeous pair of diamond earrings is a must in every jewelry collection. Appropriate for every occasion, simple and stunning diamond earrings add huge shine in their conservative size. We vote yes to these classic pearl earrings from Shy Creation. Shop earrings HERE.



We love bracelets alone or stacked with our favorite watch. Bracelets are wonderful alone; stack them together to up the impact. These Charles Garnier Paris bracelets are subtle enough for every day while brigning the glamour with different textures and diamonds. Shop bracelets HERE.



Complemented with wedding rings or not, rings are an absolute must in any look. A stacked look is trending and allows you to wear your favorites and really show off your personal style. These Forevermark diamond bands are stunning worn alone, stacked, or alongside your engagement ring. The biggest problem will be choosing just one! Shop rings HERE.



A necklace is often the final piece to make any look polished. A delicate pendant makes a statement on its own and is even better when layered with other favorites. We love these handmade necklaces from Anna Beck Designs— perfect on their own or layered! Shop necklaces HERE.


Visit us at Siebke Hoyt Jewelers in Cedar Rapids to explore our full collection of everyday jewelry. Explore a selection online HERE.


Our Favorite Halo Engagement Rings

A halo engagement ring features a halo of smaller diamonds surrounding a larger center diamond. Unlike a solitaire engagement ring that showcases a single diamond, the halo engagement ring style pulls out all the stops to shine. This engagement ring style is perfect for the bride who really wants to maximize her center diamond— even making it appear a much larger carat size than it actually is!

Halo engagement rings are perfect for brides looking for a romantic, classic look. This style can accommodate any diamond shape— and even works with three-stone engagement rings! If you are attracted to styles with maximum sparkle and a classic appeal, we invite you to explore a few of our favorite halo engagement rings from top designers including Forevermark, Gabriel & Co., Fana, and more!


Our Favorite Designer Halo Engagement Rings


 Forevermark Pear Shape (Double!) Halo Engagement Ring



Fana Split Shank Halo Engagement Ring



Henri Daussi Emerald Shape Halo Engagement Ring



Gabriel & Co. Princess Cut Double Halo Engagement Ring



True Romance Pear Shape Halo Engagement Ring


Are you planning your perfect proposal? Visit us at Siebke Hoyt Jewelers in Cedar Rapids to explore our full collection of engagement rings. Explore a selection of engagement rings online HERE.



The Official Engagement Ring Vocabulary Guide

While it's easy to get lost in the 4 C's and all the rings your partner is pinning and tagging you in on Instagram, we at Siebke Hoyt Jewelers still believe that finding your perfect engagement ring doesn't have to be overwhelming.

While we recognize the vocabulary around cut, color, style, and more can sometimes feel more like a lesson in terminology than picking out a meaningful piece of jewelry, we are here to make the engagement ring shopping process easier— and therefore more enjoyable— for you. 

If you've ever felt lost when talking with a jeweler or doing engagement ring research, this vocabulary guide is for you. Save this simple guide so you'll never doubt again when finding the perfect ring for your partner.

The Official Engagement Ring Vocabulary Guide

The Diamond

4Cs: Acronym standing for cut, color, clarity and carat— these are the top four characteristics to look for when purchasing a diamond.

Accent diamonds: Diamonds that surround or enhance the main diamond; they are typically smaller in size than the main diamond.

Crown: Top half of a diamond.

Halo: Ring of diamonds or stones surrounding a center diamond or stone.

Pavilion: Lower half of a diamond.

Scintillations: Sparkles in a diamond that are seen as the diamond moves under a light.

Table: Flat surface that is the uppermost part of a diamond; it is calculated by dividing the width of the table by the width of the diamond.



The Ring Style

Art deco: Rings created during or inspired by the art deco era from 1920 to 1935, known for bold line and geometric shapes.

Baguette: Meaning “long rod” in French, the baguette cut features long, clean lines, and is typically used in side stones.

Band: Ring that tends to accompany an engagement ring. Can be made of a precious metal, alloys, and/or include stones.

Bezel: Metal that completely surrounds the diamond or featured gemstone. A half bezel is the term used when half of the stone is framed by metal. Bezel ring settings are stronger and more protective than prong settings.

Colored diamond: Natural and dyed color diamonds. Popular diamond color options include yellow, pink, blue, chocolate and black.

Colored gemstone: Engagement rings featuring a colored gemstone stone ranging in a variety of colors. Popular gemstone options are sapphire and ruby.

Halo: Ring featuring a center stone that’s surrounded by a circle of stones. Engagement rings can have more than one halo, referred to as a double halo if two circles of gemstones encircle one center stone.

Hand-crafted: Ring that’s been made by hand instead of the casing process of filling a mold. It’s shaped by hand by the jeweler.

Pavé: Setting of stones where they’re placed close together so as to avoid seeing metal in between the stones.

Side Stones: Ring featuring a main stone and surrounded by smaller stones. Can also be referred to as a three-stone ring or a halo.

Solitaire: An engagement ring with a single, solitary center stone.

Tension set: Gemstone is held in place by metal on either side, thus creating tension.

Three-Stone: Ring featuring three stones, typically three diamonds or a diamond centered between two other stones. Known to celebrate a couple's past, present, and future together.

Unique shank: Engagement ring with an individualized lower part that goes around the finger, also known as a shank.

Vintage or Vintage-Inspired: These are classic-style engagement rings typically created, or modeled after, jewelry from the early 1900s or earlier. An antique engagement ring is technically defined as being over fifty years old.


The Diamond Cut

Asscher cut: Square shaped diamond with a high crown, step facets, and a small table.

Cushion cut: Square cut diamond with rounded edges and the third most popular diamond cut.

Emerald cut: Rectangular shaped with small, rounded edges and a large, open table.

European cut: Antique diamond cut created before the precision created by modern technology was available.

Heart cut: Diamond in the shape of a heart typically found in solitaire settings.

Marquise cut: Long and narrow diamond-shaped similarly to a football. It’s best set with prongs on each end to protect the points from chipping.

Oval cut: A unique take on a round diamond. Oval-shaped stones come in a variety of widths ranging from slim to wide.

Pear cut: Combination of a round and a marquise shape diamond available in a variety of narrow to wide sizes.

Princess cut:The second most popular diamond cut, below round and above cushion. The cut has a square or rectangular shape when viewed from above, and from the side is similar to that of an inverted pyramid with four beveled sides.

Radiant cut: Square or rectangular diamond with minimal curved edges similar to an emerald shape.

Round cut: Circular-shaped diamond. It’s  the most common shape for engagement rings.

Trillion cut: Triangular shaped diamond, often used as side stones to frame a square diamond.


The Metal

14k gold: Made of 14 parts gold and 10 parts other metals or alloys.

18k gold: Made of 18 parts gold and 6 parts other metals.

24k gold: Pure gold. The softest gold, as gold gets softer the purer it is.

Alloy: A mixture of two or more metals mixed together.

Gold plated: Thin, almost microscopic layer of pure gold used to coat another type of metal.

Platinum: Precious metal with a silvery white color and shine.

Rose gold: An alloy of gold tinted with copper to create a rosy tone. The deeper the pink color, the more copper there is in the alloy.

White gold: Yellow gold mixed with a white alloy.

Yellow gold: The color of pure gold, yellow gold gets darker or changes color the more alloys are mixed with it.



Are you planning your perfect proposal? Visit us at Siebke Hoyt Jewelers in Cedar Rapids to explore our full collection of engagement rings. Explore a selection of engagement rings online HERE.




How to Hint: Get the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift


Does your partner tend to feel lost when it comes what to get you for holidays, anniversaries, and other special occasions? There's no need for him to spend hours searching for the perfect gift or to seek out an overpriced bouquet of flowers at the last minute to make Valentine's Day special. From direct to more subtle, we are sharing our top tips to help him figure out what you really want for Valentine’s Day.

Show And Tell

If you’re browsing on your phone and come across something you like (jewelry, a restaurant, or activity you can do together), don’t be afraid to show it to him. While you're at it, ask him his opinion on it, too!

Turn to Pinterest

While you are pinning your Valentine's Day outfit ideas, why not also create a board for Valentine’s Day gift ideas? If he is active on Pinterest, he will most likely see it on his own. If you want to be more straightforward, create a board titled “Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas” and share it with him.

Walk Down Memory Lane

Has your partner knocked it out of the park on a previous Valentine’s Day or another occasion? Bring up how much that meant to you— and don't forget to include the specific parts that made it special, such as if he kept it a surprise, the restaurant you went to, a gift he gave you. This might inspire duplicate success!

Window Shop

If you happen to shop together, point out a few things you particularly. You might be surprised to find that your significant other is paying a lot more attention than it seems.

Tag Them

Facebook and Instagram allow you to tag your significant other in any public post. Tag your partner on social posts that feature engagement ring styles, specific jewelry, or date ideas that you like. As Valentine’s Day approaches, your significant other will have a digital copy of your favorite things. Find tag-worthy posts on our Instagram here!

Tell A Friend

Whether it is an engagement ring, piece of jewelry, or date idea, people often consult their partner's friends for advice. Make sure your friends know what you want to make things easier for everyone is they ask!

Give Them an Early Gift

If your partner is more forgetful or didn't pick up on the other hints, consider surprising him with your gift a few days before Valentine’s Day. This sets the bar for what kind of gift you hope to receive, and reminds him that the holiday is around the corner!

Talk to Them

Last but not least, there is always the option to be direct. If there’s something you really want, tell them. Having an open conversation about gifts— including whether or not you’re going to splurge on something or opt something small— can be helpful for both of you.



Can we help you find the perfect Valentine's Day gift? Visit us at Siebke Hoyt Jewelers in Cedar Rapids to explore our full collection of jewelry and engagement rings. Explore a selection of our jewelry online HERE.


Top Five 2019 Wedding Trends

Wedding trends are an exciting part of planning a big day— they suggest ways to add a unique twist to even the most traditional weddings. Here are five of the top wedding trends that we expect to sweep weddings of 2019. 


Top Five 2019 Wedding Trends

Regal bridal looks

In the name of all things royal, expect a new wave of pageantry to enter bridal fashion. Brides in 2019 can expect regal capes, sleeves, and tiaras.

Smoke bomb exit

An upgrade to a classic sparkler exit, smoke bombs are the new way to send the newlyweds off in color. Match the smoke to your wedding colors— or opt for a rainbow pattern for an all-out color display.

Revamped registries

With more couples getting married later in life, less couples are in need of the basic dishes and KitchenAid Mixer. In 2019, expect to see more personalized registries from honeymoon funds on.

Wedding vibes and themes

Most brides today are looking beyond simply picking wedding colors. Today's brides are envisioning entire wedding themes— a vibe or feeling for their guests to enjoy.

Unique venues

Couples are straying from traditional venues and embracing out-of-the-box wedding locations. Distilleries, raches, greenhouses, and breweries are gaining popularity as unique wedding venues.



Are you ready to pop the question this year? Visit us at Siebke Hoyt Jewelers in Cedar Rapids to explore our full collection of engagement rings. Explore a selection of engagement rings online HERE.


Our Bridal Jewelry Gift Guide

Our Ultimate Guide to Gifting Bridal Jewelry

No matter how old she is, a bride will always be a little girl to her parents. Many mothers and fathers look forward to celebrating their daughter's big day with bridal jewelry she can wear on her special day and beyond. This tradition is associated with the classic rhyme, “something old, new, borrowed, blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe.” This saying is very old, but the idea remains the same— to wish her good luck on her wedding day and beyond. 

The “something new” is commonly associated with a gift of wedding jewelry from the bride’s parents, often presented to her as she dresses for the wedding so that she may wear it during and after the ceremony. Today, many parents choose to purchase and present jewelry to their daughters long before the day of to allow the bride to coordinate the gems with her bridal look. Most often, parents will choose a piece of jewelry that will complement the style of their daughter's engagement ring.

It is important that wedding jewelry given as a gift to a bride doesn't aim to outshine the engagement ring or wedding band. This jewelry should be given as a token of your love. So while it should be beautiful and precious, it is wise to keep it understated in comparison with her engagement ring and wedding band.


We have a gorgeous selection of wedding jewelry to choose from to make your daughter's special day that much brighter.


Earrings are the most popular wedding jewelry gift. Whether you choose simple diamond stud earrings or something more dramatic, earrings are a gift she will wear and cherish for years to come. Shop these Forevermark Tribute Bezel Diamond Solitaire Earrings here



A necklace is the perfect finishing touch to a wedding gown. We can help you find the perfect single diamond pendant or a more dramatic necklace. Shop this Forevermark Classic Forever Bezel Pendant here



Bracelets are a beautiful bridal jewelry gift that is dazzling enough to match the occasion without outshining her other bridal jewelry. We recommend diamond bracelets and bracelets that incorporate gemstones if you would like to incorporate her birthstone, favorite color, or another gem with meaning. Shop this Diamond Tennis Bracelet here



A ring also makes a wonderful gift for brides. Consider incorporating her birthstone, or even creating a custom piece with family jewelry, for a ring she will wear on her big day and beyond. Shop this rose gold and diamond ring here


Visit us at Siebke Hoyt Jewelers in Cedar Rapids to explore our full collection of bridal jewelry. Explore a selection of our jewelry online HERE.


Spotlight on Solitaire Engagement Rings

A solitaire engagement ring showcases the dazzling beauty of a single diamond. This engagement ring style is perfect for the bride who appreciates elegance and simplicity— and brides looking for a classic, traditional engagement ring. In a solitaire engagement ring, the diamond takes center stage, unlike a halo engagement ring or three-stone engagement ring. This engagement ring style is typically paired with a prong setting to maximize the sparkle.

Many people do not know that a solitaire engagement ring setting is a perfect choice for any diamond shape, from round to pear to heart. With a single center diamond, this ring style is a classic choice that never go out of style.

Our Favorite Solitaire Engagement Ring Settings at Siebke Hoyt Jewelers:

Visit us at Siebke Hoyt Jewelers in Cedar Rapids and see if a solitaire diamond ring is for you! Explore a selection of our engagement rings online HERE.

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