Ed Levin- 'Distinctively Alluring'

Ed Levin- 'Distinctively Alluring'

Ed Levin- 'Distinctively Alluring'

The jewelry from our new collection by Ed Levin is timeless and innovative. Each piece is handcrafted in New York by a group of all female jewelers.  Ed Levin Jewelry has been creating original and captivating designs for over 60 years. We love how easy these pieces are to wear. From work to a night out, they seamlessly transition for a flawless look.

                                              Ed Levin sterling silver bracelet

The Ed Levin vision is to “Create a sense of wonder, while expressing something significant.” Using age-old techniques and only the finest metals and stones, their master jewelers are artists who consistently carryout that vision through three-dimensional wearable works of art.

                                              Ed Levin sterling silver collar

Distinctly alluring designs with an eye on innovative, timeless beauty sets them apart from trends and other jewelry designers. Their passion is to inspire the wearer by enhancing the body and inspire the soul. Instilled with authentic elegance, Ed Levin Jewelry is an experience that will delight you today and for years to come.

                                                   Ed Levin sterling silver earrings

Stop in today to see our new pieces from this amazing designer. Prices starting at $105!