Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Siebke Hoyt

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Siebke Hoyt

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Mother’s Day (May 14) is quickly approaching. Here are some of our favorite gift ideas for Mom on her special day.

Slate & Tell for Mother’s Day

Slate and Tell lets you fully customize the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Add slates and charms to make a necklace that is all her own this Mother’s Day. Slate & Tell lets you choose the chain and then build on it to create a gift this is completely individual and unique. Fun and affordable, each child can give Mom a slate to express how much they love her.

Slate & Tell necklace for Mom

Slate and Tell rings let you give mom a casual meaningful ring set that she can wear every day to remember her family. Every time she looks at her hands she will see how much you love and care for her. Stack rings with children’s names to use her favorite words to make a meaningful ring set.

Slate and tell ring for mom

Pandora for Mom

Pandora Jewelry always stands out as fresh and alive! Modern and sophisticated, Pandora is a great gift for the woman who loves contemporary design and art. Like, Slate & Tell, you can customize your Padora gift for Mom to create a unique one-of-a-kind piece that she will treasure forever.

pandora siebkehoyt

Gabriel & Co. Casual for Mother’s Day

Gabriel & Co. always manages to produce jewelry that women just love to wear. An uncanny ability to design pieces that are beautiful, style forward and timeless has made this American company one of the leading jewelry manufactures in the world. Their Casual Collection has many pieces to choose from that will delight Mom.

Gabriel & Co for Mom

Whatever gift you choose to give your Mom this Mother’s Day you can know that a Mother’s love is never-ending. Your choice will warm her heart and light up her eyes. The simple thought of giving is enough to brighten her day. Just remember the time you spend with your Mother is, and always will be, her most precious possession.