Tips to Know


Schedule An Appointment -


If you would prefer to only be without your rings for a few hours then we recommend setting up an appointment for any work that need to be done such as soldering your rings together, sizing, rhodium plating or engraving. In order to schedule your appointment for your preferred day, we recommend calling as far in advance as possible. We schedule appointments Monday through Saturday with 10am drop off and it will be ready for you to pick up after 5pm. If you are unable to drop them off at 10am then we recommend dropping them off the evening before your appointment.

Please feel free to call us at: 1-800-685-4367

Soldering Rings Together -


We recommend soldering rings together in order to prevent unnecessary wear. It also keeps your rings from "spinning" and they will always be lined up perfectly.

Once your rings are soldered together they might feel a little bit tighter due to the extra width so it may be necessary to size them larger in order for them to fit comfortably. The sizing can also be done during an appointment.

Many women choose to get their rings soldered together the week before the wedding. Note for white gold rings: If you choose to not solder your rings or to solder them after the wedding day then we would recommend getting them rhodium plated before your wedding so they can be perfect and clean for your wedding day.

Rhodium Plating -


We offer one complimentary plating of your ring. Rhodium plating wears off over time so to get it back to its shiny white color you can get it rhodium plated. After your first plating there is a $35 charge per ring (Price subject to change due to fluctuating market).

Engraving -


We offer complimentary engraving on our karat gold and platinum rings. Laser engraving on alternative metals rings is done at the manufacturer and is available for $35 (Price subject to change).