Halo vs Solitaire Engagement Ring Design Which is Right for You?

There was a time when an engagement ring meant a single solitaire diamond- usually set in yellow or white gold. The man had it easy. Right?

Or did he?

Here are some points to consider when weighing the pros and cons of the traditional Solitaire engagement ring against one of the best new trends, a Halo engagement ring.

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Cost: A Halo Engagement Ring Gives You More Bling for the Buck

Trends almost always have a good reason- well with the exception of bell bottoms – miles of pant legs that attract dog hair and mud are a difficult one to explain- but the Halo engagement ring trend generally delivers more bling for the buck. This is one very good reason to consider buying a Halo.

A Halo engagement ring encircles the main diamond with a series of smaller diamonds and this makes the center diamond look larger than it really is. The additional stones in the Halo and the elevation of the center stone make it sparkle more than it would set as a Solitaire. Diamond price and rarity is all ultimately based on the 4Cs- cut color, clarity and carat, so anything that makes your ring look bigger and better is a GREAT thing. In other words, your Dad didn’t need to look at as many ring styles but getting a fabulous looking ring was a lot more expensive back in the day…

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Protection: Something to Contemplate When Choosing an Engagement Ring

The Halo is a great design for a modern woman who uses her hands. Diamonds are tough but they are not indestructible! We expect these amazing stones to withstand daily abuse for years and this can actually damage your diamond. A Solitaire- as its name suggests, exposes your diamond to the world from all angels.

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Meaning: Solitaire vs Halo, Are They Really a World Apart?

A Solitaire engagement ring says to the world- this is THE ONE. The only woman for me. A Halo says, you are my Angel, the Center of my universe, THE ONE that rises above all the others, you are my Star! Both ring styles symbolize the special love and bond that exists between two people.

For some women, there is no substitution for a Solitaire engagement ring. They want the classic look and the style that a beautiful Solitaire embodies. However, if your girl says she wants a Halo, don’t knock it, looking at all those choices opens up a whole world of advantages!