Terms & Conditions


1. Retail Sales Security Agreement: Buyer grants seller a purchase money security interest in the merchandise sold herein and buyer acknowledges receipt in good conditions thereof. We/I understand I am giving a security interest in the property being purchased.


2. For Value Received: The undersigned jointly and severally promise to pay-to seller at seller’s address shown on the front of this receipt the total of payments shown to be due in the above stated terms.


3. Default: Time is of the essence in this contract. In event of default in payments by buyer under this contract, the entire sum remaining unpaid shall be due and payable at once without notice or demand unless required by law. In addition, if buyer fails to perform or observe any provision hereof and such failure materially impairs the condition, value, or protection of or seller’s rights in the property of materially impairs buyers prospects to pay amounts due under this contract, buyer shall be in default here under. When such default exists, and subject to the Iowa Consumer Credit Code, the seller may recover a judgement for the balance due, and buyer agrees to immediately deliver the property to seller on demand, at a place designed by the seller. If seller sells the property after retaking it, proceeds of such resale shall be applied (1) to the payment of any expenses of retaking, storing, repair and selling such property and (2) to the satisfaction of the total of payments due. Any sum remaining after the satisfaction of such claims shall be paid to the buyer. If such claims are not satisfied from the proceeds of resale, buyer agrees to pay the deficiency. Where permitted by law, the seller may enforce any one or more of the remedies provided in the Iowa Consumer Credit code or Uniform Commercial Code successively or concurrently and any such action shall not prevent the seller from pursuing any remedy here under. Buyer, in case of suit, agrees to pay attorneys fees and court costs in the event that seller is the prevailing party.


4. No Refunds After 10 Days: No refunds or exchanges on special orders. Exchanges or in store credit only within 30 days of purchase. No exchanges without receipt present. All sales final on discounted items!