How To Wear Stackable Wedding Rings

Your forever begins with a beautiful engagement ring, but that is just the beginning. Next comes the wedding band, further cementing your union. If you love jewelry, one band may not be enough. For you, there are ring stacks. 

What is a ring stack?

A ring stack is multiple rings worn side by side together on the finger as a grouping. A ring stack may include an engagement ring, a wedding band, and other rings. 

Why wear stackable wedding rings?

The wedding is the start of a long and glorious adventure together. Stackable rings worn with your engagement ring and wedding band allow you to express yourself or important moments in your life. The birth or adoption of a child and anniversaries are popular occasions to commemorate with additional ring stacks. The rings of a tree show a tree's lifeline. Your wedding ring stack can do the same. While your commitment to one another stays the same, your style and expression may change over time. Stackable wedding rings allow you to modify your style while remaining loyal to your foundation piece and its significance. 

How to wear stackable wedding rings?

While there are no rules in expressing your individuality, some common themes make for a great stackable wedding ring.

  • An engagement ring with a raised setting
  • A classic wedding band
  • Odd number of rings in a stack
  • Mixtures of stone colors, shapes, and even metals
  • Gradual additions to your wedding ring stack

You may wonder how many rings can be in a stack. That is up to you and your finger. Stackable rings are worn between your hand and your knuckle. If it fits, you can add it to your ring stack. Because your ring stack will be uniquely you, it will be essential to try out different styles and sizes to see what fits best with your current rings. 

There is no one just like you. Your stackable wedding rings express you in a way no one else can do. Siebke Hoyt Jewelers has the wide selection you need to make your stackable wedding ring perfectly you.