"Shine Bright Like A Diamond"

Featuring Guest Blogger- Erin Hansen

We are proud to partner with Erin and her passion for all things nature. She loves exploring and finding the beauty in the places she travels. Erin loved learning about our relationship with Forevermark Diamonds. Check it out below.


Some people say that diamonds "shine," but in all reality they reflect the light directly off the structure. I personally believe that we, as humans should be like diamonds. We should be something that doesn't shine, but reflect the efforts we make in life to succeed. 

With that being said, a lot of people take pride in the efforts they give to save and preserve our environment. Mining diamonds can really take away from our Earth, and a lot of people choose not to move forward with buying diamonds because of this. Siebke Hoyt has gone above and beyond to work with companies such as Forevermark who is a part of the De Beers Group, where they literally set aside six hectares of land for every one used mining diamonds. The De Beers Group has set aside around 200,000 hectares of land around its mines for this purpose. Now that is something I can get behind. 
Being so big into hiking, preservation of land is really important to me. Animals & wildlife are essential to keep our ecosystem going. The Da Beers Group has really taken the extra step to be active in rhino conservation and relocation. They joined forces with the Government of Botswana to conserve and grow the population of the White Rhino who is under severe threat to extinction there. 
After talking with multiple people at Siebke Hoyt, I have come to find that they really take pride in the different companies they work with that join efforts for helping women all around the world. This is 2020, but there is still a lot of work to be done with how women are treated around the world. The De Beers Group & Forevermark support women all over by helping them throughout their careers as miners, geologists, trainers etc. 
I have always heard the saying, "Be like a diamond, precious and rare." I try to live my life as my "own person." I don't try to do what everyone else does. I think that's something people learn as they grow older. You have to find things that are rare and unique to your own self and find love in the things you care about doing. A Forevermark diamond is a lifelong reflection of the beauty, perfection and infinite variety of nature. I believe that is rare in itself to find companies and jewelers that really care about the preservation of our mother earth. Therefore, I would highly recommend checking out Siebke Hoyt, and their line of Forevermark. Click Here to see our Forevermark Collection