What Is A Clarity Enhanced Diamond?

Diamonds are naturally occurring gemstones. Most gem-quality stones have intrinsic flaws. The purity and brightness of the diamond are under jeopardy by the existence of these defects, which may or may not be visible to the naked eye.

Adding clarity to natural diamonds involves the removal of imperfections, blemishes, and inclusions. It is like "plastic surgery" for diamonds with poor clarity, masking or decreasing the appearance of imperfections.

How Is The Clarity Of Diamond Enhanced?

Laser drilling and fracture filling are two methods for improving the clarity of diamonds.

Laser Drilling

This method removes faults in diamonds by drilling tiny holes into the gemstone. Heat or chemicals are injected into the diamond during the drilling process to remove inclusions.

Fracture Filling

During fracture filling, crystalline compounds are drilled into the diamond fractures to hide the tunnels.

The Pros And Cons Of Clarity Enhanced Diamonds


  • A higher carat weight.
  • A diamond extracted naturally
  • Less pricey - often 30% to 50% less expensive than diamonds without enhancements.
  • It seems to be more eye clean at first look.


  • If the filling process undergoes disruption by extreme heat or caustic chemicals, the product will be damaged.
  • You will have to notify any jeweler who will be cleaning, repairing, or resizing your ring.
  • Receiving 'treatment' for a stone may have a significant psychological impact.

Are The Diamonds Still Real?

Yes. Natural mined diamonds have permanently improved their brilliance by using a chemical process. Clarity improvement hides imperfections without altering the diamond crystal's structure. Diamonds that undergo the enhancement treatment are still diamonds. They are less expensive, to put it simply.


Even though enhanced diamonds carry a degree of risk, you should still consider them. The fact that they have been naturally mined increases their monetary worth. Siebke Hoyt understands the importance of finding the right balance between cost and elegance. The result is a comprehensive assortment of clarity-enhanced diamonds for every price point. To get in touch with a reputable jeweler, please contact us.