What Is A CVD Diamond?

Are you in the market for a synthetic diamond and came across the term “CVD” diamond and have no clue what it means? A relatively new method to making lab grown diamonds, CVD diamonds were created as a relatively new method for making lab-grown diamonds to keep pace with the popularity of diamonds. The process cultivates real diamonds in a fraction of the time it takes to mine natural diamonds. 

There are many advantages to purchasing a CVD diamond. Here is everything you need to know!

What Is A CVD Diamond

The term CVD refers to the process used to create the diamond. The process, called Chemical Vapor Deposition, consists of placing a high-quality diamond seed crystal in a vacuum chamber. Natural gas is then pumped into the chamber and broken down into carbon atoms that form around the seed and create the diamond. 

The diamond is then treated with extreme heat, and a large amount of pressure is applied to the chamber to remove any color that may have developed during the process. 

 Are CVD Diamonds Real 

Since CVD diamonds are lab grown, you may wonder, are these real diamonds? Yes! CVD diamonds are real diamonds with identical chemical and physical properties to their natural counterparts. 

They are so identical that you cannot distinguish between a CVD diamond and a naturally mined diamond with the naked eye. CVD diamonds are just as hard and shine as brilliantly as natural diamonds. The only difference is the process used to create them. 

Benefits Of Purchasing A CVD Diamond 

Cost Effective 

CVD diamonds are significantly more affordable than naturally mined diamonds. Since CVD diamonds use fewer resources to create and do not have a finite supply, these beautiful stones come with a significantly reduced price. 

While the price of the diamond may be lower, this is still a real diamond. You can still expect to pay a premium price for the stone's cleaning and setting. 


Since the diamond is lab grown, you can guarantee perfection. The size, shape, and color will be exactly what you want every time. Scientists can carefully control the environment in which the stone is created. 

So much so it is possible to have a CVD diamond be purer than a naturally mined diamond. If you want a truly gorgeous shine to your diamond at a fraction of the cost, you should seriously consider investing in a CVD diamond. 

Environmentally Friendly 

CVD diamonds do not require the resources necessary to mine natural diamonds, making them environmentally friendly. While energy is associated with making lab grown diamonds, this is substantially smaller than the resources required to mine diamonds. 

What To Consider 

CVD diamonds give potential buyers far more flexibility regarding their investment. At a much lower price, buyers can still purchase a brilliantly shining diamond and, in some cases, even buy a purer diamond than they would have gotten had they chosen a natural stone.