What Is A Side Stone Ring?

A side stone ring is a band with diamonds on the sides of its design to complement the center stone. Diamonds on the band make the ring shine without stealing focus from the central stone in front.

When light bounces off each diamond, it adds more sparkle and romance. The side stones are usually placed in prongs that hold them tight to prevent them from coming out when the ring is worn.

What Is The Most Popular Side Stone Ring?

The most common side stone ring is the three-stone ring which features diamonds in a round brilliant shape. One big center jewel with smaller accent pieces on either side for balance that share the same carat size helps create an elegant yet striking look perfect for any occasion!

Diamond Cuts For Side Stone Rings

Now that you know a little more about side stone rings, you now need to know about the different diamond cuts for those side stones. Here are some of the most popular side stone diamond cuts:

Baguette Diamonds

A baguette-cut diamond is a skinny rectangle that originated as an olden variation on the table cut, which consisted of simple facets and low brilliance. They are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also have the added benefit of maximizing light reflection leading to greater brilliance. 

Often set diagonally on the band for more visual flair, baguette diamonds can be combined with other stones such as round brilliants or princess cuts to make the ring stand out without looking crowded.

Half Moon Diamonds

Half-moon diamonds are semicircular jewels often set with their straight side against the central gem. They can be in various shapes, including semicircles and crescents. The half-moon cut is a variation of the popular marquise shape with more facets. 

When set on a solitaire ring, these diamonds reflect light more than any other diamond cut since it has twice the number of facets compared to traditional round brilliants or princess cuts.

Triangular Cut Diamonds

A triangular diamond has a sharp tip and flat sides and is an older version of the brilliant. Triangular diamonds are often used to flank the center stone on either side for added sparkle and dimension.

Why Use Side Stones On Your Ring?

Side stones are used to maximize a diamond's potential. They act as accent pieces that provide an extra flash of brilliance and light on either side of the center stone. When set correctly, they complement the main stone without overshadowing it. Side stones can be in any shape, such as round brilliants, half moons, or triangular shapes. Check out Siebke Hoyt for a variety of side stone rings and other jewelry.