What Is An Asscher Cut Diamond?

Diamond cuts are available in various shapes and designs that distinguish them and make it easier to see the gem's imperfections. However, Asscher Cut diamonds seem to have none, since the cut reveals the stone's clarity. But what exactly is an Asscher cut diamond? Read on to find out.

What Is an Asscher Cut Diamond?

The Asscher cut is a specially cut diamond that exudes a luminous pattern, giving the stone a unique visual appeal. The cut combines princess and emerald cuts, but with facets running from the center culet to different corners. These X-shaped facet patterns give the diamond a brilliant, asymmetric, and balanced overall visual quality, with good scintillation. With an octagonal shape and pointed corners, the Asscher Cut diamond remains a unique diamond jewel.

Asscher Cut Diamond Brief History

The first Asscher cut was first designed in 1902 and is entitled after the Asscher brothers, founders of the Royal Asscher Diamond Company. Joseph Asscher created the first cut, comprising 58 facets, which gained popularity in the 1920s and later 2002.

Asscher Cut Diamond Unique Features

  • Shape: An Asscher Cut diamond is octagonal shaped with equal length and width and angular corners. This creates a round-like cut and a picture-perfect square with equivalent dimensions.
  • Design: Asscher Cut diamonds have straight-edged facets, resulting in a one-off design called a square emerald. The cut includes two faces that give the stone a signature point of a glimmering cut, yielding a flawless square look.
  • Appearance: Most Asscher cuts have 58 facets arranged in a unique vintage look, as well as a mirror layer hall with dark and bright faces.

Tips for Buying an Asscher Cut Diamond

  • Consider higher color grade cuts, typically H color or higher
  • Choose a higher clarity grade, usually VS2 and higher
  • Pick lower total grade cuts of between 60-68%

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