What Is The Most Expensive Diamond Cut?

The four C's of diamonds – carat, clarity, color, and cut – affect the price of the finished stone more than any other factor. However, most people focus on the carat, but a diamond cut is the greatest factor determining the price tag. So, what is the most expensive diamond cut? Read on to find out.

Which Diamond Cut Is The Most Expensive?

Diamond cutting involves giving a natural, rough diamond, mined from beneath the earth's surface, a sparkling, dazzling and appealing cut. Despite the existence of numerous diamond cuts, round brilliant cut diamonds are the most expensive. Typically, professional diamond cutters use sophisticated and unique styles to achieve a perfect round brilliant cut.

Unlike other diamond cuts, the round brilliant cut has the most facets that require more precision work, irrespective of shape. Besides, it is the most in-demand cut where cutters discard most of the rough diamond, allowing you to pay for a larger stone than what you will wear. A perfect round brilliant cut often reveals visual phenomena like:

  • Fire the diamond's sparkle
  • Brilliance – how the stone seems to glow with its light, even in the dark
  • Scintillation – a diamond's capability to reflect light

The Pros & Cons Of Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds

A round brilliant cut stands out because of its beauty, making it the most glittering of all diamond cuts. The cut is also a perfect option for hiding minor imperfections which the naked human eye cannot see.

However, some people desire fancy pear-shaped stones with a higher carat cut, while others prefer square cuts like emerald cut designs. Pear-shaped stones blend sparkle with size, presenting more bling for your budget. Contrarily, square cuts are outstanding cuts and ideal for huge and pure stones without visible inclusions.


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