Fashion for Him from SH: Cedar Rapids IA

Fashion for Him from SH: Cedar Rapids IA

Fashion for Him from SH: Cedar Rapids IA

Father’s Day is right around the corner and now is the time to focus on him! Fashion for men is all about function, fun and understated elegance. This Father’s Day is the perfect time treat Dad to a new watch. Siebke Hoyt in Cedar Rapids, IA is offering great deals right now making it easier than ever for you to get him the perfect gift.

Raymond Weil Watches: Excellence for Him

Raymond Weil is the perfect story for Father’s Day. This Swiss Luxury Watch maker started his own company in 1976 after a quarter of a century as the manager for Camy Watch S.A. In a way, this was his mid-life crisis. Raymond made the radical choice to start his own watch company in the midst of what is known as the Quartz Crisis, the biggest industry turmoil Swiss Watches had endured to date. Weil’s bold move led to the start of one of the best luxury Swiss watch companies in existence. His son-in-law, Oliver Bernheim, joined the company in 1982 and he still runs it with the help of his two sons. This watch company is a family business and as a family they are dedicated to stylish elegance and perfection.

 raymond wiel watch

Raymond Weil Watches

Fashion Rings for Him

Fashion rings for him is a fantastic recent trend in Men’s Fashion. For years, men’s jewelry had been largely ignored and it was pretty dull. However, that is all in the past. A new generation of men’s jewelry designers is creating interesting and innovative designs for men that are just Cool.

One of these companies is Lashbrook. Lashbrook designs men’s rings that combine the essence of the rugged West with the vitality that defines the male spirit. Always interesting, Lashbrook lets him express himself. Now is a great time to get a ring for him that will mean so much and that he will love to wear.

 lashbrook ring

Men’s Fashion Ring

lashbrook guitar ring


Men’s Guitar Ring